Dr. Kaur, MD

Dr. Kaur has been serving the community of quad cities for the last 14 years as an Infectious Disease Physician. She provides specialized care for complex infectious diseases both in hospital and clinic settings to help you recover quickly and completely by providing the best professional services. She's board certified in Infectious Diseases and Obesity Medicine.

We offer the following services:


HIV infection/ AIDS treatment and Prevention with Pre-Exposure/ Post-Exposure prophylaxis

Skin/Soft tissue

Cellulitis, Staph infections, Abscess, Septic arthritis

Bone & Joint infections

Prosthetic joint infections, Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis

Infected Ulcers and Diabetic wounds infections

Hepatitis diagnosis and management

Urinary tract infections

Prostatitis, Cystitis etc

Resistant Organism infections and recurrent infection management and prophylaxis

Infections in immunocompromised patients

Gastrointestinal/ intra-abdominal infections

C Difficile, Diverticulitis etc..

Bloodstream infections, endocarditis